A martial art student must first be competant with using his hands and feet
before he uses an extension of such -- weapons.

Here at Red Sun Academy,
a student does not learn weapons as a beginner.
Only recently were green belts allowed to hold weapons.
Before that, only brown belts were introduced
to the study of weapons.

The Red Sun student learns five weapons:

Bo (a 6-foot staff)
Jo (a 4-foot staff)

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At first, the green belt student, brand new to weapons,
learns the strikes with each weapon.
Further on in his training, the student then applies
the strikes into self-defense moves,
and finally, he learns kata with each of the five weapons.

Bear in mind, when the green belt student
is introduced to the study of weapons,
he is really a white belt as far as weapons is concerned.
A black belt karate student isn't necessarily a black belt in weapons.

After the student learns weapon strikes, self-defense moves, and kata,
he learns to spar with padded weapons.
With years of training, each weapon feels natural in his hands
and he feels proficient in defending himself with weapons.
A true black belt in weapons feels no more awkward with any weapon
than with his own hands.

Green to Blue..... .....All Strikes
Blue to Purple..... .....All Self-Defense
Purple to Brown..... .....Bo & Jo Kata
Brown to High Brown..... .....Tonfa & Sai Kata
High Brown to Black Belt..... .....Nunchaku & Advanced Bo Kata