1. Always bow upon entering and leaving the dojo.

2. No shoes are to be worn in the dojo. Shoes are to be placed neatly by the front wall. If you see other shoes in disorder, please place them in order.

3. Bow to your Sensei (instructor) and any other black belt when you first see them, inside the dojo and also, out in public. Giving this respect does not mean that you are less than they are; it means you are aware of their accomplishments in the martial arts and you respect this. If and when you receive your black belt, you can expect to receive the same show of respect.

4. Contact Sensei if you are to miss a week or more of classes.

5. Do not arrive to class late. If you do, stand to the side and wait for Sensei to bow you in. Do not simply join class if you arrive late.

6. Do not come to class sick. Sharing is nice, but please don't share your illness.

7. Keep fingernails and toenails short to prevent injury and infection to other students when practicing together.

8. No cursing, horseplay, or display of anger in the dojo.

9. Always address Sensei as “Ma'am” or “Sensei.” For example, never ask “May I get a drink of water.” Instead, ask “May I get a drink of water, Sensei.” Never simply answer “Yes,” answer “Yes Sensei.” Never say "Yeah" or "uh-huh" or any such casualness in class.

10. When Sensei or a senior ranking student gives you instruction or advise, respond by saying "thank you sir!" (or ma'am). Always aknowledge that you have heard the advise and thank them.

11. Always yield to a senior ranking student. For example, if a senior student is behind you at the entrance, let him go in first. Let them sit in the front seat. Etc.

12. If you need to adjust your uniform during class, please turn around and face the back.

13. SPARRING: It is mandatory for all yellow belts and above to wear sparring gear (gloves, boots, mouthpiece, headgear, and groin protection for males) whenever sparring. White belts do not spar. Light contact for yellow through purple belts. For brown and black belts, heavy contact is permitted only if chest protectors are worn. No contact is permitted to the head or neck except for light contact to the headgear.

14. When you are sitting to the side during class and another student is training, do not talk or do anything to distract that person.

15. When sitting in class, do not sit with your legs stretched out. Sit properly.

16. When using the training equipment, handle it with care. When finished with it, return it to its proper place.

17. Ask permission before entering Sensei's office (do not simply walk in). For example, stand by the door and say "Sensei?" She will mostly likely say "Come on in."

18. Never ask Sensei to demonstrate an advanced kick or to spar with you for your amusement. Martial arts should never be used to show off.

19. Never allow your belt to touch the floor when you are not wearing it. You've worked hard for your belt and have earned it; treat it with respect.

20. Do not wash your belt, as it contains your spirit. (PLEASE wash your uniform, but not your belt!)

21. Do not ask Sensei when you will be testing next.

22. No jewelry at all is to be worn during class.

23. No smoking in the dojo or restrooms. If you must smoke, please do so outside. And please pick up any cigarette buts littered outside the dojo.