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August 12, 2008


Every summer, we hold a karate class in the pool.


Our annual class in the pool is typically on an evening in late July soon after we return from summer break. The class is held in Sensei's neighborhood pool. Students must be nine-years-old or older to be allowed in the pool area.

The class is filled with fun karate drills in the water, emphasizing balance and technique. We bounce rapidly into stances (try doing that in the water) which clearly demonstrates the "low weight" idea. We also have kicking races down the length of the pool. Every year we do all katas in the water which gives students a different perspective on them. We also have games which, while fun, also teaches the student. Games include karate baseball, our annual tight-rope game for balance, sparring and chicken fights (optional), and doing flying side kick off the diving board (optional).

Safety is a major concern; NO HORSEPLAY WILL BE TOLERATED. After one warning, you will be asked to get out of the water.

Moms and Dads are invited to swim (in the other area of the pool) during our class. Why just sit to the side? That's no fun.

If it rains heavily or thunders, we will have CLASS IN THE POOL the following week (same time).


Directions to CLASS IN THE POOL