At Red Sun Academy

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5th Degree Black Belt
Owner & Chief Instructor

Sensei, 5th Degree Black Belt
& Chief Instructor

Having over 28 years experience in the martial arts,
Sensei has earned her 5th degree black belt
and was recently inducted
Won 2nd place in a national karate tournament in DC
(22 competitors in the ring).
She has a black belt in Shotokan, Karate,
and Tae Kwon Do, and also trained in
Tai Chi, Jujitsu, Kobudo, and Aikido.
She prefers the art in martial arts.
She has published a book 'Philosophies of the Martial Arts'.
Her writing has been published in 'The Word',
'The Oswegonian', and 'Town Talk.'
Her interests include biking, hiking, art, reading, creating writing,
archery, swimming, canoeing/kayaking, and Roman History.
A High School Honors Society graduate, Magna Cum Laude in college,
Sensei earned numerous MONY scholastic art awards
and currently runs two successful businesses in Raleigh.


Ms. Ginny Barrett
3rd Degree Black Belt

Ms. Ginny Barrett, 3rd Degree Black Belt
Teaches our
BASICS class.
Assists with our
TAI CHI class.
Ms. Barrett has been with Red Sun Academy
for over 14 years (since February 1996)
and is always going out of her way
to help out "behind the scenes" with the dojo.
Struggling with a severe disability,
Ms. Barrett doesn't quit!
She presently teaches the Basics class
and assists with the Tai Chi class.
She is a third degree black belt
and has written a book on the martial arts.


Mr. Kurt Gibson
2nd Degree Black Belt
Weapons, Kids class
Various Workshops

Mr. Kurt Gibson, 2nd Degree Black Belt
Assists with our
WEAPONS class, KIDS class,
and teaches various Friday night WORKSHOPS
Mr. Ginson has been with us since 1993
and is always ready to help out junior-ranking students.
He is patient, kind, and only sees peoples' good points,
and this quality aids him in his teaching.
He assists with the Weapons Class, Kids Class,
and also teaches various workshops.


Mr. Tom Wolstenholme
4th Degree Black Belt
& Thursday class

Mr. Tom Wolstenholme, 4th Degree Black Belt
Teaches our
SATURDAY class for Youth & Adults
Also teaches our
THURSDAY Adults class
Mr. Tom heads our Saturday class for youth and adults.
He is passionate about teaching,
pays particular attention to detail,
and has one of the biggest hearts
of anyone I know.
Tom has repeatedly taken time off work
to help students.

Mr. Ron Hamm
2nd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Ron Hamm, 2nd Degree Black Belt
Teaches our
Mr. Hamm joined Red Sun in Feb 1997.
After reaching brown belt, 40-something year old
Ron Hamm could do 50 push-ups,
60 sit-ups in a minute, and he could run the mile
in 7 minutes 5 seconds. Until he got sick.
He had cancer. After treatment, he rejoined Red Sun
but had lost all his strength. It was a long grueling process,
but now Mr. Hamm is again quite strong and he
continues to earn the highest physical award
in the national Presidential Fitness Program.


Ms. Shani Alston
1st Degree Black Belt

Ms. Shani Alston, 1st Degree Black Belt
Teaches our
KIDS class
Ms. Shani has earned a first dan balck belt in Isshin Ryu.
She recently moved to North Carolina after completing
her MPH for the University of Pittsburgh.
She is currently the Study Coordinator for the
Geriatric Oncology research program at UNC.
Ms. Shani has a wonderful attitude and is always upbeat.


Chad Berwick
Brown Belt

Chad Berwick, Brown Belt
Assists with our
KIDS class
Chad has been with us since he was 10 years old.
He is kind and patient and a good teacher.
He assists with our kids class
along with Ms. Shani, helping where needed.
I've heard many compliments
from beginning adults who have had
Chad help them out.


Mr. Ian Wolf
1st Degree Black Belt

Mr. Ian Wolf, 1st Degree Black Belt
SUBS when needed
Mr. Ian has been with Red Sun Academy
since he was six-years-old!
He left Red Sun when he went to college,
then got married in 2008 and lived out-of-town,
but is now back. After a 5-year hiatus,
it is wonderful to have him back!


Veronica Wilkins
2nd Degree Black Belt

Ms. Veronica Wilkins, 2nd Degree Black Belt
Assists with our
FITNESS class.
SUBS when needed.
Ms. Veronica assists with our Fitness class,
helping us all to keep fit and healthy.
Second degree black belt Veronica
started her training when she was 7 years old
and has awesome kicks and great energy.
She is a welcomed addition to Red Sun!
Veronica is currently a student at NC State.



Died July 11, 2007

Our beloved Jody.
died on July 11, 2007.
She was 15 years old.
There was rarely a week in her life
when she did not attend Red Sun Academy.
I loved her with an intensity I have never known;
we all loved her.
She was every bit a part of Red Sun
and we miss her very much.


Born Feb 21, 2007

Our newest addition -- Pony.
Pony could never replace Jody,
but she greets everyoneone coming in,
and loves the empty peanut butter jars
students give her. Now 3 years old and no
longer a puppy, Pony has learned not to
lick and devour students as they sit
and meditate on the mat.
Ask the students about Pony and Jumping Jacks.


A warm and heartfelt
Mr. Cameron Randall
Cameron graduated
from UNC Chapel Hill
in August, 2009.
He had been with us
since he was a small child.

Here's another one who's
been with us since he was eight,
and is now a college man
at UNC Charlotte.
Mr. Litton grew to be
extremely physically gifted
in the martial arts.
He plans on joining the Air Force.

We certainly miss
Mr. Paul Corrigan
when he moved to Florida
the day after his 3rd degree
black belt test on July 25, 2009.
I have known Paul since he was 15.
Married with 2 daughters,
Paul is pursuing a ph.D.
and a career as an English Professor.