An Simplified and Improved Version
of the Former 'Cardio-Kickboxing'

... .....-Starting in May 2010... a new gentle fitness class called Z-chi


We have a Fun Fitness Program in store for you. .The first half of the class is an energetic 20-minute aerobic workout where you are constantly moving to upbeat music. .The moves are simple and can be learned quickly. .Studies show that an intense 20-minute workout several times a week significantly improves your health and helps you to loose weight. .After a brief water break, we condition our stomach, thigh, and arm muscles during the last half of class, using large thick rubber bandings. .Everyone conditions at their own level, where different colored bands represent varying levels.

We have improved the "Cardio Kickboxing" idea. .It's TONS more affordable, less time consuming, and gets you a full-body workout! .You will sweat and become toned!

SAT: 10am-11am

The schedule changes during the summer
click here to see summer schedule

Are you a beginner? .Not in shape? .Don't worry, this class is designed for you and we will work with you. .Even if you're in shape and want to work out, this is the class for you.

You can pay $35/month, or $10/class, whichever works better for you.
Free for Red Sun Academy members.


"I don't have a lot of time."
....You can get a good aerobic workout and leave after the first 20-minutes.
....Or, come only to the last half of class to condition your muscles.
....Or, do what most do... stay for both!

"I don't have a lot of money."
....We're only $35/mo. or $10/class.
....about the cost of a movie! (and better for you!)

"I'm not in shape."
....We'll getcha' there painlessly.

.It's FUN!

.It's an improved version of Cardio Kickboxing.

If you want to get in shape,
face it... ya' gotta' work at it.
Here's the way!
A FUN way!!