A black belt who is not a Red Sun Academy member
and chooses to visit/join our academy
falls in one of two categories:

1. One who trains with us
2. One who does not train with us

1. If a black belt decides to train with us,
....he or she lines up with the black belts,
....is considered of black belt rank
....(but not Red Sun certified so they line up
....behind our certified black belts and ahead of
....our Junior Black Belts, regardless of dan rank).
....They wear a white belt with a black stripe.
....The black stripe indicates their rank,
....and the white belt indicates their purity to our academy.
....They are considered a Red Sun Academy member
....and have up to one year to learn
....all the katas and self-defense moves,
....at which point they certify their rank
....by taking a Red Sun black belt test.
....After they certify, they wear a solid black belt.
....They pay academy monthly fees
....unless they are in charge of a class once a week.
....We do not “black belt salute” them
....when they enter the dojo until they certify.

2. If a black belt does not train with us,
....they are considered either a Visiting Black Belt
....or a Guest Instructor.  Guest Instructors
....typically are invited to our academy one time
....(sometimes more) to teach a workshop or seminar.
....Visiting black belts can attend Red Sun classes
....up to 2 times a month, but not continually
....(then they fall in the first category).
....Visiting black belts are typically from out of town
....and wish to train with us for a short spell.
....Guest Instructors and visiting black belts
....line up according to their rank and do not
....pay academy fees; they are our guest.
....When they enter the dojo, we “black belt salute” them.

Incoming Black Belts:

Wear WT belt with black stripe
...unless they're a guest black belt
...(Black belt guests can attend up to 2 classes per month)
...(Guests cannot teach)

Incoming black belts have 1 year to recertify
...or they move to GUEST status.

Certified black belts line up ahead of non-certified
...no matter what the rank (unless GUEST)

Students who earned a black belt at another school
and wish to train at Red Sun
have one year to learn all the katas and self-defense moves.
Until they do, they will wear white belt with black stripe
until they certify their rank by taking a Red Sun black belt test.  
They will line up with our black belts and will be of black belt status,
but they line up behind our certified black belts, regardless of dan rank.
After they certify, they wear a solid black belt.

Red Sun black belts who remain not certified for one year
will wear a white belt with a black stripe, unless due to medical reasons.


A `Registered Black Belt'
is any black belt who is presently enrolled in the academy.

A `Certified Black Belt'
is any registered black belt
who has also passed a test in the past year.


All certified black belts line up first.
Black belts who are not certified
are to line up after those who are,
regardless of rank.