Nunchaku Strikes


c = Closed, ...o = Open

Ready Position 1: Both nunchakus (c) held in left hand on left side of body by hip, string tight.

Ready Position 2: Each nunchaku (o) held in each hand by hip, as in junbi.

Ready Position 3: As in fighting stance (o).

Ready Position 4: Nunchaku string draped over right shoulder. Right hand holds one chuck.




...1. Down Block
...2. Upward Block
...3. Inside Block
...4. Outside Block


...1. Down Block

...2. Upward Block
...3. Reverse Upward Block (setting up for bo disarm)

...4. Outside Block (left & right) - arm that crosses body is up
...5. Reverse Outside Block (left & right) - arm that crosses body is down


c = Closed, ...o = Open

...A. Hammer Strike (c) - hold both chucks in one hand and strike.

...B. Punch (o) - striking with end of chuck.

...C. Using Chord (example: Grab behind opponent's neck with string, striking opponent's face to knee)

...D. Strike with opposite end of chuck (o or c)

SWING STRIKES (all open)

...1. Downward Vertical Strike (over the head, swing back and catch behind back)
2. Upward Vertical Strike (usually preceded by downward vertical strike)

...3. Downward Diagonal Strike (from one shoulder to the opposite ankle) (be ready for counter)
4. Upward Diagonal Strike (from one ankle to the opposite shoulder, swinging chuck behind shoulder)

...5. Horizontal Strike

...6. X-Swing (start at upper right). This is actually combining two diagonal strikes.

...7. Forward Swing (recover by swinging to left, right, then catch under arm)

...8. Figure 8