Jo Strikes


Ready Position 1: Jo held vertically in right hand on right side of body, tip by floor in front of toes

Ready Position 2: Jo held parallel to floor at waist level, both palms facing down

Ready Position 3: Jo held parallel to floor at waist level, right hand palm up, left hand down

Ready Position 4: As in fighting stance



...1. Down Block (2 ways) (2-hand - horiz.) (like a sweep - vert.)

...2. Upward Block (2 ways) (above the head) (wrist strike)

...3. Inside Block (1 way)

...4. Outside Block (2 ways) (to the side) (like a head strike)

...5. Body Block in Mountain Stance

...6. Circle Disarm (as in kata)



...1. Thrust

...2. Overhead Strike

...3. Diagonal Head Strike

...4. Sliding Downward Thrust (or “4-to-the-Floor)

...5. Horizontal Strike (to the ribs)

...6. Sweep (front & back end)

...7. Horizontal Thrust (with middle of jo)

...8. Jo Swing (as in kata)

Horizontal Thrust (strike #7)