Jo Self-Defense


JO Self-Defense
(Defending Against Imaginary Opponent's Right Punch)

READY POSITION #3: Bo held parallel to floor at waist level, right hand up, left hand down


....(Strike the inside of opponent's wrist)
....Simply flip the right side of the jo up so jo is perpendicular to the floor.

2. To RIB
....Right front stance as right tip of jo strikes opponent's ribs.

....Right front stance as right end of jo strikes opponent's throat.

....Slide left foot back into back stance as right end of jo strikes opponent's solar plexus.

....Rush to side of opponent in a diagonal front stance, in green belt self-defense move #1.
- As you rush to opponent's side, bring jo straight back.
.......- Immediately bring end of jo straight into opponent's temple.

JO Self-Defense
(Defending Against a Partner)

READY POSITION #2: Bo held parallel to floor at waist level, both hands down


1. Opponent Grabs the Jo (or your wrist)

... Slide your hand over his hand, locking his hand on the jo.
.....(Keep your thumb & finger on jo)

...(If opponent is grabbing your wrist, skip first step above)

Bring the tip of the jo over opponent's wrist.

.... Follow with strike to opponent's rib with end of jo.

2. Opponent Chokes You

.... Shoot the jo up (blocking opponent's grasp on you),
......then smash jo into opponent's rib.

3. Opponent Grabs your Collar (advanced technique)

.... Release left hand from jo.

.... Swing left end of jo up and over opponent's arms.

.... Left hand grabs jo from over opponent's arms. (your wrists face up)

.... Now, using the jo, pull his hands towards your neck and take him down.
......(no need for a strike; you've got him if done correctly)

4. Opponent Throws a Hook (or a round kick)

.... Outside block.

.... Downward vertical strike with top end. (side A)

.... Downward diagonal strike with other end. (side B)

.... Strike throat. (side B)

5. Opponent Throws a Right Punch

.... Inside block (turning right hand up).

.... Horizontal strike. (left end of jo)

.... Horizontal strike. (right end of jo)

.... Thrust to face. (right end of jo)