STUDENT NOTEBOOK Table of Contents

Let's take two hypothetical martial art students - Student A and Student B. Student A has beautiful kicks. He is the envy of most other students. He's a natural at sparring and learns his katas fairly quickly. He doesn't need to practice much becuase it seems that he just catches on in class. His attendance is average. He doesn't seem to have the time for extra participation in the karate school as he is a busy person. But he brings in trophies for the academy because his technique is fantastic.

Then there's Student B. His kicks aren't too pretty, though he tries. He struggles to learn each kata and seems to need much practice before getting them straight. He is awkward at sparring, though he has strong spirit. His attendance is excellent and he puts in extra time for school activities, but he wonders why he isn't catching on as quickly as some of the others. He attends most all of the tournaments but rarely brings home a trophy because his technique is only average. But he tries. Oh, he tries.

In real life, students aren't either all of “Student A” or “Student B”, but rather a mixture of the two. All students in martial arts soon become aware of “the natural” - the student who quickly learns and can do the techniques involved with little effort. Some of us must try harder to achieve the same goals.

As your martial art instructor here at Red Sun Academy, I would prefer a class full of Student B's over Student A's.