STUDENT NOTEBOOK Table of Contents

Attitude is more important in martial arts than physical ability,
contrary to what many people believe.
A strong and positive attitude
will build a base or root necessary
to learn martial arts.
Good attendance, showing respect to your dojo and Sensei,
participating in tournaments and school outings,
and showing an eagerness to learn
all reflect a positive attitude.
Not only does this academy teach self-defense,
but also how to build character
so that you can be strong both mentally and physically.

Missing many classes will cause you to get behind
and will show in your performance in the class.
Attending two classes a week is the minimum requirement.
Good attendance reflects positive attitude
and shows that you are eager to learn martial arts.

Call Sensei if you are to miss a week or more of classes.
It is important that you find out what announcements you missed
while you were out.
A notebook containing the weekly lesson plan and weekly announcements
is on the front table.
They are also emailed to you once a week
(if Sense has your email address).
Make sure you read the announcements you missed while you were out.


Monthly Fee:
The fee for Red Sun Academy is $50/month,
and this is due the 7
th of each month.
If the monthly fee is not collected by the 14
th of the month,
it is considered late.
Late fees apply ($5 each week that fees are not collected).

Initiation Fee:
There is a $25 initiation fee for all new students,
or for any student who has interrupted their monthly training.
What this means is that if your attendance lapses for a month,
a $25 re-initiation fee will be charged.

Red Sun Academy encourages students to study hard
and therefore will grant any student a one month scholarship
for receiving straight A's,
providing you are a full-time student
and have been a member of the academy
for at least three consecutive months.
(LIMIT: one scholarship a year)

Please make all checks payable to

Occasionally, Red Sun Academy will attend tournaments.
All students are encouraged to participate in tournaments
or come as a spectator.
This will further your knowledge of martial arts.
You must remember that tournament fighting
is only a small part of martial arts,
and that it is more important to know how to lose gracefully
than to know how to accept a trophy.
Having a positive attitude at a tournament
is more important than winning a match.

You are probably entering Red Sun Academy as a white belt.
It takes approximately four months (longer for smaller children)
to achieve each beginning belt (yellow and orange)
and approximately eight months to achieve the rest of the belts,
until you go for your black belt.
That takes about a year.
Thus, it takes at least five years to earn a black belt.
If you do exceptionally well, you may test sooner.
Children often take longer.

Once you have earned all five belt stripes
(click here for info on Belt Stripes),
you are eligible to test.

The tests are divided into 7 divisions, each of which are evaluated individually:

1. Knowledge

2. Basics (stances, blocks, & kicks)

3. Kata (forms)

4. Self-Defense

5. Weapons (green belts and above)

6. Sparring (yellow belts and above)

7. Breaking (green belts and above)

Testing fees are $25.
This price includes your new belt and certificate
which will be awarded to you (should you pass)
along with a detailed testing evaluation report.

Challenging A Student
During the formal belt presentation,
the passing student is awarded
their new belt, certificate, and a testing evaluation report.
The passing student walks the line,
bowing to each student.
This bowing acts as a mutual acceptance of the student to his new rank.
Any academy member can challenge a student receiving a new belt
if he believes the student does not deserve the new rank.
Though they will be disagreeing with Sensei,
they have the right.
If challenged, the challenger and challengee must spar each other
in a manner according to their belt level.
If it is decided by Sensei and the Assistant Instructor(s)
that the challenge was invalid,
the challenger must apologize, in writing, to the student they challenged,
and they will drop a belt level.

Ordering Supplies
Sensei orders martial art supplies the first week of every even month.
For example, January is 1, February is 2 (an even number), and so on.
Therefore, orders are placed the first week of
February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Uniforms and sparring gear are always on hand in the back room,
so there's no wait for these items.

If you'd like to order other items
(such as patches, bags, heavy-weight uniforms, or targets),
you must pay when the order is made.
It is your responsibility to give Sensei your correct size,
though Sensei will try her best to assist you with this.
If the item does not fit correctly,
there will be a returned postage fee that the supplier imposes.
Items cannot be returned after 30 days.

Every effort is made to keep costs low.

You should consider your fellow students
as your second family; you are all learning something very special together.
To get to know each other better,
we plan “fun events” outside the classroom,
such as camping trips, dinners, hikes, going to the movies, etc.
Try to attend.