to Red Sun Academy!

STUDENT NOTEBOOK Table of Contents

By enrolling in our academy,
you have made the first commitment towards
what will hopefully be a lifelong involvement
in an exciting and highly rewarding field of study -
the martial arts.

As a new student,
many of the practices and terms you will encounter
will no doubt be confusing at first.
Be patient.
The first class can be the most difficult.
To help you get started,
take a few moments to read over this Student Handbook
and familiarize yourself with
the school guidelines, rules, basic terminology, and belt structure.
This information should give you a little insight
and can make your beginning go more smoothly.

One-on-one instruction is available
to all academy members
(TOTS receive their own individual instruction)
who commit to three months or longer with the academy.
In most classes,
an upper ranking student will work off to the side with you for several weeks
until you become more comfortable and familiar with the moves.
You can also come to class 15 minutes early or stay late
and grab a senior ranking student
who would be glad to assist you.
Or, you can make an appointment with Sensei,
and she will be happy to work with you.
It is up to you to arrange sessions with a teacher.
How long it takes you is up to you and your individual pace of learning.
Material taught in the beginning lessons
should be practiced and learned before learning something new.
Try to learn the material at a comfortable pace and not all at once.

We sincerely welcome you into our academy
and hope your journey is a rewarding one.

STANCES .... Learn BLOCKS .... Learn KICKS